About Us

Hi there, my names Tom Davies, Paragon Kickboxing Academy Owner.

PKA is a professional Academy that strives for every student to reach excellence. 

PKA, started in a physical sense ( kickboxing at the Dojo ) and we have now opened up our online services so that we can reach and help many more members.

Our online education courses involve a variety of fitness and health including fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and soon to be yoga also.

Paragon will help every member with the likes of discipline, confidence, improving fitness levels, kickboxing skills and excel your overall wellbeing.

Paragon works towards building every individual up to achieve what they never thought was possible.

Paragon will motivate and educate you towards your goals, all through online learning. 

For some it's not just about kick ass skills, it's about being a part of an Academy that brings positive vibes to everything we do, getting involved in socialising with the team and improving mental health.

We hope to keep bringing you great courses for you to choose from and look forward to working with you online! 

'Become a model of excellence'

Please check out our courses tab and get in touch when ever you may get a bit lost. 

Thank you.