Are you pondering why you can’t get to your goals?

Are you making excuses while procrastinating around the fact that you have issues that you feel like you can’t get around to in your busy life that involves your everyday wellbeing!

Have you thought of the consequences of not making the changes needed in your wellbeing over time, maybe the issues it will also cause to those around you too!

Paragon don’t want this for you! We want you to learn how easy it can be to make small changes to your daily routines, that will make MASSIVE long term impacts, to your future health and wellbeing.

We’ve all been there, regretting, cursing, getting sad that we don’t have the simple answers to achieving our big dreams. The issue is, how can we moan and regress when we haven’t even started out on the path to simple habit changes. Small habit changes is where it’s at and you don’t even have to succeed in it 100% for it to work for the long term! 

Time to stop holding back and get started, with THIS FREE HEALTH KICK RECIPE PLAN :D

Benefits of the Health Kick Recipe Plan

Some of the Benefits of Paragons Health Kick Plan:

1 - Learn that it doesn’t have to be crazy hard to start a change in your life. Take this FREE plan and run with it!

2 - Create a discipline that you didn’t know you had inside you that will help you crush your future life in every manner

3 - Done for you recipes plan and meal plan, buy the foods, follow the recipes AND BOOM, on the way to results

4 - Benefit yourself with happiness that will also be contagious to those around you including your family and friends

5 - Get the support needed through our private Face group from Coach Tom himself and get all future changes and progressions to this programme for a lifetime

6 - And enjoy doing it all without thinking it’s a chore

We have everything you need

In this course you’ll get all the tools needed in order to get you on your way and succeeding with habit orientation in no time.

The following is in your upcoming course:

- Your welcome and introductory to online training

- Terms and conditions

- Progression vs Limitations vs Expectancy 

- Habit Starter Kit

- Portion control guidance

- Fitness app guidance

- Health Kick Recipe Plan

- Includes 12 done for you recipes

- Done for you shopping list

- Done for you meal plan

- A private Facebook group where you will get not just advice on your course but all types of advice for your all round wellbeing for the future.

Bonus Material

Not only will you get our great recipe plan but you will get a bonus ebook :D.

‘Nutrition Essentials - Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates’ is the ebook you will get your hands on within this course.

Learn some basic knowledge on the macronutrients that we take in daily and want to know so much about in order to better our diets.

Firstly this ebook isn’t your typical freebie just thrown in for good measure, the ebook will give you some powerful knowledge that will most certainly change your food habits AND therefore better your wellbeing for your future.

Contents in the ebook will include:

- Requirements of macros

- Roles of macros

- Amounts of macros you should take in daily

- And all basics in between

We hope you enjoy it.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to PKA Online

    • Warm Welcome From Paragon

  • 02

    Important Documents

    • Paragon Terms and Conditions

    • Paragon Online Safeguarding Policy

    • Online Training Policy & Disclaimer

    • The Paragon Kickboxing Academy Promise

    • Will online training work for me?

    • What will I achieve with Paragon?

    • Progression vs Limitations vs Expectancy

  • 03

    Stepping Stones & Tools

    • Habit Starter Kit

    • Portion Control

    • Fitness Apps

  • 04

    Health Kick Recipe Plan

    • ...START HERE...


    • Meal Plan

    • Health Kick Recipes

  • 05

    After Habit Advice

    • You're not done yet

  • 06

    Bonus Ebook

    • 'Nutrition Essentials' Protein - Fats - Carbohydrates

    • All about that Protein!

    • All about that Fat!

    • All about that Carbohydrate!

    • All about that Fibre!

    • Summary

  • 07

    Paragon Contact

    • How to get in touch


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